Dr. Gina
Brown, D.C

Graduated from Southern California University of Health Sciences in 2000.

California Chiropractic Association

Dr. Brown is a licensed chiropractor by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and by the California Department of Public Health for Radiology and is a fitness expert. Dr. Brown has brought over 25+ years of being a fitness instructor and personal trainer to her chiropractic practice. Dr. Brown was certified in 1988 by AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) as a Group Fitness Instructor and by ACE (American Council on Exercise) for Personal Training. As the exercise industry took off she received certifications for Step, Spin, Kickboxing, Mat Pilates and Yoga. Dr. Brown worked for a national health club chain as an instructor and coordinator and led many certification and master classes for other instructors. She furthered her Yoga training with certification from Dr. Larry Payne in 1999. The combination of her training in active rehab with personal and professional experience gives her a unique perspective and makes her a true rehab expert. Dr. Brown honed her chiropractic and diagnostic skills teaching at Southern California University of Health Sciences, in the diagnostic and technique departments. She brought Endermologie treatments into her office in 2005 and was certified in techniques for body contouring and also to use the equipment to perform deeper myofascial release, which aids in breaking up scar tissue (works wonders for frozen shoulders!) and in using a more gentle therapy technique that helps her fibromyalgia patients. Her love for teaching people how to achieve the body and wellness they desire continues today as she teaches in her own studio. Her goal is to get people out of pain and provide the tools needed to keep them that way. She stays current on the latest techniques and therapies that can help her patients.

Dr. Brown is currently enrolled in the Functional Medicine and Nutritional Diplomate program and is looking forward to bringing this into her office by the end of summer 2017!


Trigger Point Ther.
Manual Adjusting
Active Release
Myofascial Release Therapy


Full Spine
Deep Muscle
Exercise & Fitness
Posture Training
Family Practice


Massage Therapy
Yoga Therapy
X-ray Examination