Yoga: Learn hatha yoga asanas and breathing techniques to enhance your well being and deepen your body awareness. This class ends with a final relaxation/meditation.

Mat Pilates: A special combination of controlled movements that’s guaranteed to build strength without the excess bulk, creating a sleek, toned body with slender thighs and a flat abdomen. Pilates ring, thera-band and small ball may be incorporated!

Reformer Pilates: Pilates exercises performed on the Balanced Body Allegro reformer. It will transform the way your body looks, feels and performs.

Floor, Core & More: You will be challenged through different stations or sets of exercises in this class. We will focus on contouring the body to help improve strength, bone density, power, flexibility and maximum calorie burn! We will be using equipment throughout the whole class.

$15 / One class
$62 / Monthly Membership (Unlimited classes-not including Reformer Pilates)

$180 / 3 Months of Membership
$350 / 6 Months of Membership
$670 / 12 Months of Membership
Student Packages (must show student ID)
$10/ One class or $49/ Monthly Unlimited


Private Sessions
$65 / 1 Private session
$275 / 5 Private sessions
$400 / 8 Private sessions

Semi-Private Classes
1 session $45/each
5 sessions $200/each
10 sessions $375/each

Group Class Packages
$25 / 1 class
$100 / 5 classes
$152 / 8 classes
$180 / 10 classes

Thank you for your interest in our chiropractic office, where we promote exercise for your health!

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